I am a front end developer with over 15 years experience writing JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and over 8 years working in back end development. I also have several years working in graphic design. I am curious, self taught, patient and empathetic.

Areas of Expertise

Computer Languages

Employment History

Front End Developer

  • Developed React apps for multimedia websites
  • Developed React Native apps for cross platform mobile apps
  • Developed multiple Angular.js based HTML5 apps
  • Setup several Node or Middleman powered Backbone and Angular projects

Bletchley is an agile product design & development agency, with agents around the globe.

Front End Developer

  • Used my PHP framework for Kanye West's Good Friday project and migrated to WordPress
  • Consolidated a fractured WordPress and custom CMS app into a single WordPress app leveraging Memached
  • Developed several rich client applications including a social media view and ATM UI prototypes
  • Redesigned and maintained substantial.com

Substantial is a small agency designing and developing websites for large and small companies, including Method, 8inc, CitiBank, Kanye West and others.


  • Ported static site to a WordPress powered CMS
  • Developed animated real time Twitter viewing wall
  • Developed Twitter-based donation drive marketing site

Nology Media was a new media public relations start up (acquired by Banyan Branch), using social media for content development and community management.

Front End Developer

  • Developed HTML for use in templated client sites
  • Developed custom CSS for client sites
  • Implement redesign of luxuryrealestate.com

LuxuryRealEstate.com develops high end real estate websites for clients in the upper tiers of the real estate market.

Web Producer

  • Produced and published web content during tournaments in real time
  • Published podcast episodes

Wizards of the Coast, among a other things, hosts Magic: The Gathering tournaments around the world. During these tournaments we’d produce and publish articles, video and audio podcasts.

Web Designer

  • Redesigned and maintained down2night.com
  • Designed sales materials

down2night.com was a real time location based, event sharing social network.

Graphic Artist

  • Designed artwork and layouts for sales envelopes and other promotional material
  • Coordinated with clients on creating and updating promotional material

Group Photographers Association is a photo processing and product fabrication lab for special events, school and sports photographers nationwide.

Graphic Designer

  • Scanned, digitally enhanced and print photos from various sources
  • Designed artwork and layouts
  • Redesigned and maintained http://washingtonphoto.com

Washington Photo was a locally owned print and photo shop.

Graphic Designer

  • Designed and maintained websites from concept to completion for growing clientele base
  • Designed user interfaces for custom web applications for clients and in-house

SCW Consulting is a small networking and web consulting firm.

Graphic Designer

  • Designed advertisements for print in various publications
  • Designed promotional materials including large format banners and vehicle graphics
  • Designed and prepareed graphics for the web and television

IT&E is a telecommunications company, specializing in long distance and wireless telephony.

Graphic Artist II

  • Designed client and inhouse advertisements for print
  • Preflighted photos for print in various media formats
  • Designed pages for publication on the web
  • Trained graphic artists

Guam Publications, Inc is a Gannett owned publishing company, the largest in the Micronesia area. We published a daily news paper as well as several weeklies.

Personal Projects


Cork is a real time collaborative infinite corkboard written JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 using Meteor.


TweetMe.me is a web app that uses Google Maps to map geocoded Twitter posts near your location, determined automatically, written in JavaScript and HTML5.


This is a web service that attempts to geolocate the referrer by IP address. API documentation is here: http://docs.prototypeapps.com/geoip:api


lib.rario.us is a web app for cataloging and publishing the contents of your media shelves. It uses the Amazon Product API, and is written in PHP, MySQL, HTML and JavaScript.

Higher Education

University of Guam

I majored in Mass Communication and studied broadcasting, design, art and photography